History of Monson Fire Book

History of Monson Fire Department Book

The History of Monson Fire Department book is available for purchase. The book covers the History of the Monson Fire Department from 1887- 1987.

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It was the late Assistant Fire Chief Andrew R. Piwcio’s dream to have a history of the Monson Fire Department compiled in one volume.

In 2007, three years after his death, Carolyn J. Bedard has done just that. Bedard who lived with Piwcio, said working on the compilation that has been published at 728 pages helped her deal with her loss.

Bedard was a member of the Monson Fire Department for 11 years and an active member of the Monson Bellmen Antique Fire Apparatus Club since 1980. Piwcio was one of the 8 founding members.

Bedard has signed over all rights and proceeds from the book to the Monson Bellmen. The book, “Monson Fire Department-Chronology of Facts”, from 1887 to 1987 sells for $79.00 in the hardcover edition and $59.00 for the two-volume paperback edition.

Bedard said that she was proud to fulfill one of Piwcio’s dreams.

To purchase the book, call Carolyn at 413-267-3421 or contact any Monson Bellmen member.



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