About Us

About Us

The Monson Bellmen Antique Fire Apparatus Club/Museum was established on October 9, 1971. The eight founding members were Andrew R Piwcio, Edward J Wood, Paul Castonguay, Kevin Donovan, James Turner, George Robichaud, Francis Nothe and Mark Wood. Auxiliary members were Barbara Wood, Carol Castonguay and Mary Piwcio. Andrew R Piwcio was elected Chief/President, Paul Castonguay was elected Captain/Vice President and Kevin P Donovan was elected Lieutenant/Secretary and Treasurer. George Robichaud was elected as chief mechanic and James Turner was to serve as janitor.

The name Monson Bellmen was suggested by Andrew R Piwcio and accepted as the name of the Club. It comes from the 17th century in Boston, Massachusetts. They would have men on patrol around the blocks all night with bells. If they spotted a fire, they would ring the bell to alert the people of  a danger.

Our mission statement is to educate, parade, purchase, restore and preserve antique fire apparatus, fire memorabilia and any other things incidental thereto. And finally to preserve the history of the Monson Fire Department.

Our three bay building measures 45′ wide and 75′ long. The double bay is filled with Monson Bellmen awards and fire memorabilia. While the single bay if filled with the History of the Monson Fire Department.

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